About "SUS, LLC"

Strategic Underwriting Solutions, LLC ("SUS") located in Green Bay, Wisconsin was formed to offer high quality health insurance underwriting provided as an outsource service to insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPA), Managed Care Organizations (MCO) and other risk taking entities, such as Multiple Employer Welfare Associations (MEWA). Veronica Schmelzer and key industry partners formed this organization specifically to respond to a market need for TPA's, insurers, and MCO's considering entry into new products where they have all the pieces in place, e.g. efficient processing, distribution, clinical expertise, all of the needed positive factors except for highly qualified and capable medical underwriting and risk taking management.  

Opportunities for the underwriting of risks for individual medical, small group fully insured, small group stop loss (SETs), large group insured and large group stop loss will be considered. The operation will align with "high end" TPAs, MCOs, and insurance companies that can access some of the above types of business, but lack first dollar underwriting capabilities. SUS, LLC will provide customized service levels dependent upon the client's needs and will be as visible or invisible to the client's sales force as the client wishes. Where appropriate, SUS, LLC will utilize its own proprietary risk manual and formulas, developed with industry partners.  The primary goal of SUS, LLC is to assist their clients and partner companies in writing the highest potential volume of profitable new business while retaining a stable block of inforce business.  SUS, LLC manages risk of health businesses for multiple carriers and risk bearing entities on a national basis in 42 states.